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What to Expect on Your Journey When Transitioning to Natural Hair

Natural hair is in. So many women are making the decision to grow out their natural hair and undertake the incredible journey that comes along with it. Whether you do the big chop or transition your hair slowly, the journey is not always easy. Keep reading for what to expect when transitioning to natural hair.

Your haircare routine will change.
When you transition to natural hair, you no longer use chemicals, relaxers, or heat. It can be a big change to go from regularly treating your hair to avoiding it altogether. Prepare to get rid of all of your chemicals and heating tools before you start transitioning your hair.

You will be tempted to treat your hair.
Building a new habit and routine takes time. Transitioning to natural hair is not a fast process, and you may feel discouraged from time to time. In order to avoid this, decide how long you want to transition and stay motivated to reach your goal.

You will notice a line.
The line dividing damaged ends from natural hair will be very clear. This line marks the weakest spot of each strand of hair, and it is prone to breakage. You will have to learn how to blend two textures of hair, so it is important to be gentle with your hair. Keep from over manipulating it and keep it moisturized.

You will see breakage.
While it is best to be as careful with your hair as possible, breakage is unavoidable as you transition to natural hair. The chemicals used on your hair prevent it from being as strong as your natural hair. Breakage isn’t a reason to get discouraged though.

Transitioning to natural hair is very exciting. It is the start of a new journey and often marks a big change in a woman’s life. However, it is not always an easy process and you could be left wondering why you started it in the first place. By managing your expectations, you can stick to your goal and grow natural, healthy hair.

What is the Best Way to Keep My Hair Healthy?

You hair has the ability to make or break your day. A great hair day can leave you feeling on top of the world while a bad hair day can put you in a funk. The health of your hair is often a major factor in how it looks and feels, but you may be left wondering what is the best way to keep my hair healthy?

Trim your hair regularly Keeping your hair trimmed can actually help your hair grow. Trims remove hair that is damaged or split ends, which promotes hair to grow from the roots. When you regularly trim your hair, it will feel softer, be more flexible, and be less likely to break.

If you have short hair, consider a trim every four to eight weeks. For medium to long hair, get a trim every six to twelve weeks. You do not have to visit a professional for every trim, but it will take some practice to trim your own hair.

Cleanse your hair
Shampooing and conditioning your hair will keep it clean and healthy. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and texture as well as your goals for your hair. There is usually no reason to wash your hair more than once or twice a week unless you engage in physical activity.

Maintain a good diet
What you put in your body greatly impacts the health of your hair. Vitamins and protein are necessary for promoting hair growth. Iron-rich foods and protein-rich foods will make your hair healthier and give it a nice sheen. Staying hydrated is also important to keep your hair healthy.

Use hair oils
Hair oils can help your hair grow longer and stay healthy. These products will also moisturize your hair and your scalp. Your type of hair will determine which hair oil products are right for you, but regularly using hair oil can make your hair feel softer and more manageable.

There are a lot of things that impact the health of your hair. However, if you trim it on a regular basis and keep it clean and moisturized, you can enjoy soft and healthy hair every day. Don’t forget to consider your diet as well and take in the nutrients your hair needs to stay strong and healthy.

The Difference Between Natural and Organic Products

Natural and organic seem to be buzzwords for skincare, haircare, and beauty products these days. You have probably noticed a lot of products on the shelf marked as “all natural” or “100% organic.” But what do these labels mean, and is there a difference between natural and organic products?

What are Organic Products?
Organic products are products that do not include toxic pesticides, synthetic herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Products that have an organic label are heavily regulated. Food products have the most restrictions and limitations, but most products that are marked as organic undergo increased scrutiny.

In order to be considered organic and have an organic label, products cannot have any of the harsh or dangerous ingredients listed above. Certification inspections are conducted by third-party inspectors and they may be announced or not. Regular testing ensures that products are safe to use.

What are Natural Products?
There are not regulations for labeling a product as natural or all-natural. While the label implies that products are made from plants or other organic materials, that is not necessarily the case. Some trusted and responsible brands will live up to their natural claims. They often incorporate ingredients like aloe, chamomile, or essential oils in their products to benefit your body and health.

Unfortunately, there are some brands that use the natural label loosely. Their products may contain ingredients derived from plants, but they could also have processed or harmful ingredients as well. Because natural products are not regulated as strictly as organic products, there is no real way to know if a product is truly natural.

If you are looking for products that contain safe ingredients, organic is your best bet. These items often have a higher price tag, but they are regulated by the government to ensure quality and safety. Natural products are not as regulated, and you do not always get what is promised with an “all-natural” label.

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